Balm for your soul

Wellness holiday in Galtür

If your are looking for relaxation, you will find it in our spa area.

Those who love sweating can look forward to hot sauna sessions in our Finnish sauna and in the infrared booth. You prefer water in its liquid form? In this case, our indoor-pool with a counter-current facility, the whirlpool, the sole bath, and the aroma bath are just perfect for you.

You just want to take short nap or go on reading a book you just cannot put down? If so, you will love our Room of Silence. What surroundings do you prefer for some soothing hours?

Is it water or steam, is it a lounger or a massage table? No matter what you go for, you will find it here. Treat yourself and your body with a lovely break from everyday life in our spa!


Our sauna village offers you various options to sweat and relax.

Do you like sauna sessions at really high temperatures of up to 90° C? In this case, our Finnish sauna is perfect for you. If you would rather sweat in less extreme heat, we recommend trying out our infrared booth. Afterwards you refresh yourself in the spacious showers and at the ice fountain and feel the new energy you have gained from sweating, as well as all the benefits for your circulation and your immune system.

Well-being in
the water

Water invigorates your body, refreshes it and helps it to relax.

And you can feel these effects in our whirlpool and in the sole bath alike. In the aroma bath, you additionally feel the effects the pleasant fragrances have on body and soul. Water is not only an element of relaxation, but of activity, too. Try out our counter-current facility and practice all your muscles while swimming. Afterwards, you can cool down while dozing on our cosy loungers.


Enjoy the soothing atmosphere in our Room of Silence and refresh yourself with tea from our tea bar or with fresh alpine spring water.

Absolute quiet: this is something all of us are searching for every now and then - however, most of the time we are not very successful in our search. In our Room of Silence, you will be. Lean back, gain new energy from taking a short nap or just daydream a bit. Do you feel that aromatic tea is an essential part of relaxation? Help yourself at our tea bar in our cube of spruce slats! And if you want to refresh yourself from the inside, help yourself to some delicious alpine spring water.

The classic way
of relaxation

Is there anything more relaxing than a massage? If you need to do some thinking, you are perfectly right here.

Why? We offer you various kinds of massages - and it is hard to decide which of them is the most relaxing one. What about a classic full-body massage? A sports massage after a day on the slopes? It's up to you!

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